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In almost every sector and industry, most businesses are opting to integrate social networking and content marketing as part of their marketing plans and strategy. Despite the business size, social content marketing has already shaped the future of social promotion and social communication, and more often than not, eliminating the traditional, more traditional forms such as print media and television.


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Content Writing Steps

Step 1

Doing Research: We make sure that our writer has extensive knowledge of the topic you’re writing about, especially in the B2B market. Include statistics, data, and metrics to establish credibility and support your claims.

Step 2

Topic Analysis: Once we’ve gathered as much information as possible, it’s time to break it down into actionable information. One of the most useful pieces of information to look at is competitor performance. We look at what pages on a competitor’s site drive the most organic traffic.

Step 3

Write in a Unique Voice: The content you publish is the voice of your company and it should be unique to your company’s personality. It’s important to align the tone of your writing to your target audience, business goals and brand persona.

Step 4

Optimize & Publish: Once the writing phase is complete, we move on to search engine optimization and publishing. Here we consider things like readability, word count, related keywords, and more to make the content more attractive to search engines (and people!).

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